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MSB registration system overview

The homepage

When you sign in to the MSB registration system, you will be presented with a homepage similar to what you see in Figure 1.

Figure 1 shows the homepage of the MSB registration system. Four sections of the page are highlighted (sections 1, 1A, 2 and 3), which are described in the text that follows.
Figure 1: MSB registration system homepage

In section 1, at the top of the page, you will find the status of your MSB registration form as the page title. You will also find an information box which includes key messages about your MSB registration form, or actions that need to be taken. To view or access your MSB registration form, you must select the appropriate button, as shown in 1A.

Section 2 shows the registration information textbox, on the bottom left of the page, and includes your registration status, number and date, as well as your registration expiry date.

Section 3 shows the quick links textbox, on the bottom right of the page, and includes direct links to user maintenance activities such as:

Navigating through your MSB registration form

To navigate through your MSB registration form, we recommend selecting the "Next section" button to proceed page by page through your form. You may also use the left menu to go directly to specific sections. Note that all sections must be completed before your form can be submitted to FINTRAC.

Figure 2 shows how to navigate through the MSB registration form: using the Next section button or the left menu.
Figure 2: Example of a page in the system with navigation options highlighted

Submitting your MSB registration form to FINTRAC

Once you have completed your form, select "Submit form" at the bottom of the left menu. A validation process will begin to ensure that your MSB registration form is complete.

Figure 3 shows the Submit form section, located under Actions, at the bottom of the left menu.
Figure 3: Submit form menu

If no corrections are needed, select the "Submit" button (see Figure 4).

Figure 4 shows the Submit form page. Under the Submit form title, guidance is provided.  It also shows that the Submit button is located to the right.
Figure 4: Submit form page

However, if corrections are needed, they must be made before you can submit the form. Select "Field name" where corrections are needed and make the necessary changes (see Figure 5). Once the changes are made, select "Submit form" in the left menu to submit your form to FINTRAC (see Figure 3).

Figure 5 shows the Submit form page indicating that corrections are needed in the MSB registration form. Under the Submit form title, guidance is provided about the required corrections.
Figure 5: Submit form page requiring corrections

Notification messages, details, and definitions

As you complete your form, you may encounter indicators that provide you with additional information.

Figure 6 gives examples of three type of indicators that provide additional information in the MSB registration system, such as the notification messages, the Show more bullets, and the dotted underlined words. Each type of indicator is described in the text that follows.
Figure 6: Page illustrating notification messages, details, and definitions

As shown in section 1 of the Figure 6, notification messages, such as Alert, Error, and Warning messages, may appear at the top of the page. If information requires correction, selecting the hyperlink will bring you directly to the field that requires your attention.

Section 2 of the Figure is an example of the "Show more" bullets found throughout the system. When clicked, the bullets expand to provide more explanation on specific topics.

Section 3 gives an example of a word highlighted by a dotted underline. Throughout the system, this indicates that when you mouse over the word, a textbox will appear with the word's definition.

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