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Updated resource documents to help you prepare for changes to the Large Cash Transaction Report (LCTR) form

Following the publication of the Notice to reporting entities: Resource documents to help reporting entities prepare for changes to the LCTR form in July 2022, FINTRAC has made minor updates to the draft documents listed on this page to further streamline the new LCTR form, validation rules and schemas. In addition, the API endpoints and specifications portal link is now available.

Summary of the updates:

To access and download these documents and view the API endpoints and specifications portal, please visit the Draft documents page of our website.

Please note: At this time, there are no updates to the draft guidance. A final version of the guidance will be provided when the revised LCTR form is implemented.

At FINTRAC, we are committed to working collaboratively with reporting entities to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities. We assist reporting entities in fulfilling their legal obligations by providing guidance, publishing policy interpretations, responding to enquiries, and participating in various reporting entity-related engagements.

For questions, please contact FINTRAC by telephone at 1-866-346-8722 (toll free) or by email at

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