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Strategic intelligence

FINTRAC produces strategic intelligence products which provide analytical perspectives on the nature, scope and threats posed by money laundering and terrorism financing. The products focus on the identification of money laundering and terrorist financing-related methods, techniques, and vulnerabilities for the purpose of increasing public awareness.

Sectoral and geographic advisories

Sectoral and Geographic Advisories (SGAs) identify sectors or geographic areas more at risk from specific money laundering or financing of terrorist activities typologies.

Operational briefs

Operational Briefs are intended to provide clarification and guidance on issues that impact the ability of reporting entities to maintain a strong compliance regime. More specifically, these products are focused on risk and vulnerabilities associated with exploitation for money laundering and terrorist activity financing, and on meeting reporting obligations with respect to suspicious transaction reports.


Assessments provide reporting entities with an overview of money laundering and terrorist financing-related risks and emerging vulnerabilities and trends. These Assessments help reporting entities identify and submit suspicious transaction reports.

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