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Access to Information and Privacy Protection at FINTRAC

The Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act provide Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or any person or entity present in Canada the right to obtain information—in any format—that is under the control of a government institution.

The Access to Information Act gives individuals the right to access records under the control of a federal government institution. The Act is based on three principles: government information should be available to the public; exemptions to this right should be limited and specific; and decisions on disclosure of information should be reviewed independently of government.

The Privacy Act protects the personal information of individuals that is held by a government institution. It provides individuals with the right to access this information and request correction to it. Under the Act, personal information can only be used by a government institution in accordance with the purpose for which it was collected or for a use consistent with that purpose.

FINTRAC ensures that information it holds is collected, stored, used, shared, and disposed of in accordance with statutory requirements established in the Privacy Act, the Proceeds of Crime and (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act and the Library and Archives Act.

FINTRAC's Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that information in FINTRAC's custody or control is made accessible to the public in accordance with both the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

Privacy protection

In carrying out its mandate under the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (PCMLTFA), FINTRAC receives and collects personal information about individuals as defined by section 3 of the Privacy Act. The PCMLTFA requires FINTRAC to ensure the protection of personal information under its control. Safeguarding personal information is an overarching and fundamental consideration in every aspect of FINTRAC operations. A list of the provisions in the PCMLTFA which protect the privacy of individuals can be found in Annex B of FINTRAC's Privacy Policy.

FINTRAC's Privacy Policy expresses the Centre's commitment to protect the information with which it is entrusted. FINTRAC ensures that the collection, use and disclosure of personal information respects the privacy principles set out in the Privacy Act and related Treasury Board Secretariat policy instruments. It also ensures that its mandate is effectively delivered by protecting the personal information under its control from unauthorized disclosure; and that privacy is a key consideration in all its programs and activities.

This includes a comprehensive set of practices, policies and procedures, the application of the need-to-know principle, guiding principles for the handling of sensitive and classified information and diligent application of stringent measures surrounding the analysis and disclosure processes.

Please consult FINTRAC's Privacy Policy to find out more on FINTRAC's privacy protection principles and how it manages and protects the personal information it receives and collects.

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